Thursday, April 11, 2013

Loreal Elvive Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Serum....

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This review is on "Loreal Elvive Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Serum with Argan Oil". This product is used for reducing frizzy hair and make them soft and smooth.It comes in a lockable pump bottle.

My experience:
This serum really impress me seriously. My hair are very thick and frizzy so this product works well on my hairs I'm using this product from a couple of months and its still half, It makes my hairs soft and smooth not just throughout the day but for two days. it makes your hair greasy on second day if your scalp is oily but as I told you that i have dry hairs so its perfect for those who have dry hairs like mine because you don't even feel greasy hair on other day.since you only need to apply small quantities the bottle will last for months.

                                             It comes in a lockable pump
Wash your hair and use a conditioner than air dry your hair using a towel for at least 15 mins, then take 1 pump of loreal anti frizz hair serum(if your hair are thick then you can apply 2 pumps as well) on your hand then apply on your hair to the ends and then brush it out, when your hair completely dry you  feel your hair soft and smooth and your frizz gone away.

Thumbs up:
It makes your hair frizz free
Make your hair soft & smooth
It smells good
Comes in a lockable pump bottle

Thumbs down:
It makes your hair greasy on the 2nd day if u have a oily scalp

 50 ml


My Rating:

QR 38
PKR 1,036

Al Meera Super Market Doha Qatar
Agha's super store Pakistan, Naheed Super Market.
US & UK: Wall mart

Would i repurchase it ?
yes i repurchase it for sure

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Mahnoor Malik said...

This one is super cool :)

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i like that hair oils are becoming more popular
love using em

Jezz Dallas said...

You got great hair!!

Sorath Majid said...

thanks jazz ....

RosyChicc said...

Great review hun! i already have this on my wishlist and will be definitely getting it soon! :)) Thanks for sharing! <3


Sorath Majid said...
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Sorath Majid said...

my plesaure rosy :)

Maryam Azeez said...

love it!!