Monday, April 22, 2013

Collectable Jewellery Haul

Hello Everyone,

As you already know from the title this is a jewellery haul. Jewellery is something which everyone likes, guys too :P. But this is exclusive to chicpicks that really have a soft warmth around its magical aura :D. I have also shared the prices and the location you can find it.. so lets get started;

Red Earrings with White Pearly Boundary from Avenue Doha City Centre QAR 24
                                             Peacock Feather earrings from Expo City Centre QAR 20
                        Three Linked Chains Necklace from Camaieu Doha City Centre QAR 15
Long Necklace with badge and orange stones Camaieu City Centre QAR 11
Black Chain Necklace from Splash City Centre QAR 40
                                 Stony Vintage Bracelet and Attached Ring from IAM Villagio Mall QAR 50
Multi Coloured Bracelet (is my favourite) from Pakistan PKR 350
                                     Statement Rings from Splash City Centre QAR 25
                                 A big ring with Thread Works from Pakistan PKR 100

Hope you guys like my lil jewellery haul

Your thoughts will make it better :)




Jezz Dallas said...

Like the pieces..very versatile, very boho chic!

Batul Fazal said...

Love the jewelry. Do you have bloglovin babe? Will be easier to follow as GFC is discontinuing!

Pakize Kapan said...

Beautiful jewelry darling, love it! Btw GFC is NOT discontinuing, the Google Reader is discontinuing, which is just a reader like Bloglovin, those are 2 different applications FYI :-)

xoxo Pakize <3

from Madame Keke

Anonymous said...

Lovely picks, each n every item is amazing!

Anita said...

Beautiful! X

Rakhshan said...

nice items! x

Sorath Majid said...

thanks everyone :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Jewellery! Liked all of them :)
Following you now.. D check out my blog as well


Shang J. said...

Wow you got some amazing things. x