Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garnier Skin Naturals Essential Grape Water make-up Removing milk Review ...

Hello Everyone...

Today I am doing a review on "Garnier Skin Naturals Essential Grape Water Make-up Removing Milk". Its used for removing makeup, well that's what its name says too :D. It comes in 3 different types:
first one is for normal & combination skin, 2nd in rose extracts, its good for sensitive skin. And the last one is 'simply essential', with no alcohol and perfume, which is used for sensitive eyes.

It contains cleansing micro oils and fruit extracts to keep skin fresh after use.

My experience:
I have combination skin and this product is really good to remove my makeup, it even removes waterproof mascara without much effort. I recommend to to anyone who has combination or normal skin. I have not used the other formulae but i am sure its good, others who have used the product can share their point and add in for 'seimply essential' and 'rose extract'.

Apply the product all over on the face and massage gently then wipe it off slowly with a cotton wool pad. Alternatively you can use a cotton wollen pad to apply it in the simmilar way :D

Thumbs up:

  • It cleans waterproof makeup
  • Does not feel greasy
  • Its leave the skin smooth and fresh
  • Opaque packaging 
  • It even removes your eyemakeup
  • Its not expensive
Thumbs down:



My Rating:

QR 17 or 19
PKR about 700

Doha: Almera super market, carrefoure, the mart.
Pakistan:Naheed super market, dolmen mall, Ebco, Agha's.
UK & US: target, wall mart.

Would i repurchase it?

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Jezz Dallas said...

Looks actually quite good! Nice review!

Shang J. said...

Good review! The products sounds nice. :) x

Shang J. said...


alison*elle said...

Looks like a great product, thanks for the review!

xo, alison*elle

Pakize Kapan said...

I love Garnier products and use a couple, will try this too, thanks doll :-)

xoxo Pakize

from Madame Keke

Mahnoor Malik said...

I'd tried this and the results are amazing :)

Mahnoor's haul

Sorath Majid said...

thanks everyone :)

shehla yasir said...

this product seems good. I m definitely going to pick it whenever i got my hands on it. Economical too.