Saturday, April 18, 2015

How To Get Bouncy Curls Without Heat

Hello Everyone,

Its the first time I'm doing a tutorial on hair i did this on my baby sis hair a couple of months ago so thought why not share this simple and easy hair style with you.
I love experimenting on my hair and then saw these rollers online on and thought to try this on my hair.
Well these are not my hairs at all these are mine lil sisters  on whom I tried these rollers on. Her hair are so silky and quit difficult to work with so on her 15th birthday, thought to give her some texture and try my new rollers as well.
Now lets see how they turn out on my sister hair.

Products you Need:

  • A hair smoothing hair spray
  • A tail comb
  • Some hair clips
  • Some Bobby pins
  • And last but not the least a hair spray

Step by step Instructions:
  1. After washing your hair use a hair smoothing spray
  2. Now blow dry your hair
  3. Now section your hair first with the tail comb
  4. Apply gel or hair spray  on your hair
  5.  wrap the roller upward and  downward on hair 
  6. And after 1 or 2 hours open the rollers generously and apply some hair spray to keep them at place
  7. And yeah you are done ^_^

These rollers are really easy to work with and plus you can get these sexy curls without heat.
I hope you find this post helpful and yes if you are looking for these rollers than go and check out website and order them online or if you live in Hyderabad than checkout delton super market they have these instock or you can find these locally in Karachi as well.



Marlia Fransiska said...

Nice tutorial. Will do this at home. Thanks for sharing

The Syeda Sisters said...

Lovely tutorial <3 :D

Zubaida Rasool said...

That's very easy and great tutorial, thanks for sharing :)

Laura C. said...

I love the result!!!xoxo

Dominika Sygula said...

Hi there babe, how isit going?
Great post though, i love it, thank you for sharing this with us..

New post on my blog if you're interested.
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Anyway have a lovely weekend!
Stay in touch.

Sherry K said...

Great post sorath! Which smoothing spray do u use?

Areej Usman said...

lovly hair!

Sorath Majid said...

Sherry its garnier I love my sleek hair smoothing spray :)

Sophia Ton said...

Hey Dear,
I really like your Posts & you have great Pictures. Would you like to support each other and follow via Bloglovin & GFC? That would be so cool, and I hope we stay in touch. :)

Greetings, Sophia xx

Shang J. said...

The curls look perfect. I don't blow dry so I end up with a lot of frizz. But if I want heatless, I want heatless altogether haha.

Natasha's Kundi's Videos said...

They look amazing!

Natasah C said...

Oh wow!! I loved curly hair so definitely going to be trying this out!! xo N

Mariam .M said...

that looks amazing, thanks for sharing sorath :)