Thursday, March 31, 2016

Movements by Collectibles Opened their 3rd Multibrand Store: Press Release

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Recently  on 27-03-2106 Collectibles announce the launch of their 3rd new multi brand showroom Movements at The Place Nuplex .Meticulously highly crafted and highly detailed, mechanical wrist watch is more than a time telling device and is also for every age group. It can be a bold fashion statement, a quality investment passed down through generations and a signifier of good taste and culture.

Ms Ronak Lakhani along with the Pakistan Special Olympics team inaugurating the store

Mr Ronak Lakhani, the chairman of special Olympics in Pakistan, along with the members of special Olympics of Pakistan (SOP) team, inaugurated retail outlet movements by Collectibles with an exquisite event attended by Nazneen Tariq, Mr Zubair Bajwa & family, Mr Mubashir, Asma Hassan, Alizeh Pasha, Hira Hussain, Hasnain Lehri, Tabish Oza, Saim, Aruna & Annie Khawaja and other celebrities and socialites of Karachi.Mr Abdul Hameed Aslam a very good friend of Mr Rameez Sattar was also present at the launch of movements.

Mr & Mrs Lakhani

Alizeh Pasha & Umme Farooq

Mr Abdul Hameed
Tabish Oza
Adeel Feroze of the movements commenting on the opening said "We are delighted to be opening this new showroom and bringing with it passion for watches and commitment to deliver the best in customer service".

As the Pakistan's watch market expands, the definition and criteria of luxury also broadens.
Movements emphasis on high quality customer service supported by state of the art after sales facility in the country, movements is a retail chain store with collection of the most exclusive and the finest brands in a perfect blend of style and function, luxurious yet practical, the featured watches are chic and trendy and most importantly, affordable.
The team behind Movements our highly experienced and have been successful in many luxury projects. Some of the brands are mainly featured are Balmain, Roamer, Certina, Hamilton  and Police.
Movements has been introduced as a more accessible alternative to those more upscale brands. Plans are in place to open multiple branches of the store all over the country.

Mr Mubashir and Asma Hassan

Nazneen Tariq

 About Collectibles:
It  was in the 1997 that collectibles first opened its doors to watch enthusiast. Today Collectibles is available in Karachi and Lahore, both in extremely prestigious locations, future plan include the opening of collectible watch boutiques in other cities of Pakistan.



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