Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Klenspop Ellen Panda Blue Color Contatct Lens Review

Hello Everyone,

If you are following me for a long time then you probably know that I love kelnspop contact lenses and for that today I'm going to share another review as on their Ellen Panda Blue contact lens.

My Experience:
So recently I received these gorgeous blue Contact lens from their "Ellen panda collection" and to be honest I'm loving it :D
It is a 4 color lens, yes you can see a very subtle blend of 4 colors in it which makes it different and beautiful as well.
It instantly make your eyes bigger than usual and makes them enchanting with full of life. Oops I know I sound so poetic here!
It has 14mm diameter and the graphic diameter of this lens is 13mm which makes your eyes appear bigger. These lens feels so soft and does not give you a weird itchy kind of feeling at all.
Each pack contains a pair of contact lens with tweezers and with a contact lens case as well.
This Ellen panda collection is for 11 year use, you can use it for 1 year and then throw it away. It comes with a reasonable price tag so its a great thing to invest in I guess.
                                                   Here I'm wearing Ellen panda blue contact lens

clean your hands before putting on lenses and if you feel some sort of itching then immediately take them off.

Thumbs Up:
  • Comes in a sealed glass bottle
  • Soft 
  • Blend of 4 colors
  • Makes your eyes bigger
  • Comes in so many different shades
  • Makes your eyes doll like
  • You can pay through paypal, visa and MasterCard as well.
  • Shipping isn't costly at all

Thumbs Down:
  • -

1 pair in each pack


Ellen Panda Blue (4 Color) $18

My Rating:


Would I repurchase it?
Yes in different colors.

Have you tried these colored circle lenses from klenspop yet ? Share your thoughts


Disclaimer: This PR sample came  to me for review purpose. This does not effect my loyalty  toward my readers at all. I give my honest opinion about this product.


Zubaida Rasool said...

It looks really pretty and bold shade to wear. Looks good on you.

Areej Usman said...

they look so cute !

Laura C. said...

nice color dear


Abdullah Sulehri said...

Nice review! I really found shade of these lenses interesting. After wearing them one may sing "In aakhon ki masti k deewanay hazaron hain" :P

Huda...!!! said...

Nice shade. They looks so pretty on you. <3

Anonymous said...

Omg its stunning!

MeMe Books said...

Oh wow they make you look like you're from another planet but they look so fricking cool!

Meme xx

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Huda Sheikh said...

O.M.G you beauty :*