Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Gold Caramel Affair (Lowlights) at Mizka's Hair Studio Review

Hello Everyone,

I was thinking to get some lowlights for so long and after my fellow blogger Natasah uploaded her hair picture on instagram, I just cant wait to get my hair done at Mizkas hair studio. So for that I contacted her and on this passed Monday I went to her studio to get these beautiful gold caramel lowlights.

My Experience:
When I reached her place (Mahnoor) she came and bring the color shade book so I can tell her the 3 colors which I want for my hair and she also want to see that if I have any picture in my mind or something else, she wants me to see which color catches me the most and after half hour of discussion finally I told her about the 3 colors which attracts me the most. After that she started the procedure and applied the color on my hairs, my hair are thick so she was applying it very calmly and than wrap my hair in foil papers and after some time she pull off all the foil papers and wash my hair and applied some product to enhance the color of my lowlights. Then she applied something to give my hair a glossy effect and after that she put some mythic oil on my hair and give my hair a nice blow dry and throughout the blow dry session she wants me to keep my eyes close and she didn't even want me to touch my hair :P Well when she said now you can open your eyes, I was just stun I mean I look totally different, I kinda feel like a model :p I loved what she did and than I said, that's what I wanted not too dramatic not too subtle I wanted a color which enhance my features and give me a fresh/healthy look. And then Mahnoor said, I love when someday says that this is it I was looking for the same.
As you can see in these pictures she gave me a gold, caramel and a touch of bronze shade according to my Asian skin tone and my hair texture which turns out very beautiful.
So at the end of the story she gave me some hair sample and a MM liquid lipstick too. She is so sweet and loving and I love the way she listen and understand what I want for my hair.

So this is the before and after pictures of my hair, here you can see how a hair color or style completely changes your look and makes you more beautiful and confident. 

      The girl behind the whole scenario beautiful and sweet person I have ever met (Mahnoor Khuwahar) of Mizka's Hair studio

she charged me Pkr15000 according to my hair length

Would I recommend it?
Yes totally. I'm in love with my hair and Mizka's Hair Studio and definitely recommend you guys, go and visit her salon to get yourself a new look.

What do you think about my new look ? Share your thoughts in comment section below :)



Wajiha Shakeel Ahmed said...

Hair dye and cut really suits you Sorath :) You look fab Mashallah <3

Huda...!!! said...

Loving the results on your hair. You look great Sorath <3

Ana Ali said...

love the hair cut . you look amazing

Hira Tabassum said...

You look stunning <3 Your new look suits you soo well :)

Huda Sheikh said...

You are looking fabulously beautiful :*