Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mikyajy Sabaya Line & Shadow Eyeliner Kohl Review+Swatches

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm reviewing these "Mikyajy Sabaya Line & Shadow Eyeliner Kohl in shade 05, 26 & 11". I was looking for some colored eyeliner pencils and finally saw these at Mikyajy counter. They were on sale like buy any 3 lipsticks in 99 riyal or eye pencils, so I decided to buy these pencil eyeliners. I Love their silver packaging and smudging applicator they came up with. I got in this in brown, metallic brown and blue shade. Well lets scroll down to see they are worth buying it or not?

My Experience:
The color intensity of these eyeliner pencils is great. They glide very smooth on my eyes and give me the perfect shade/intensity I'm looking for. Two of them are matte "Blue and dark brown", but the metallic brown is way more creamy than these two babies. The matte one are a lil bit on dry side and does not glide as smooth as the metallic one. It isn't a smudge proof eyeliner so make sure you wont rub your eyes otherwise you will end up with panda like eyes which you really don't want :P .
I mostly love to use the blue one, and right now when the Fall/winter is started it will look great on brown/hazel colored eyes. They last for 4 to 5 hours which is not bad actually. Sometimes I used these eyeliner as a base of my eyeshadow, specially the metallic one because of its creamy texture. These are kohl pencils so sometimes I used them on my waterline and they look beautiful.You can create a smokey eye with these eyeliners as well.
These liners are easy to sharpen and you can get a precise tip every time you sharpen it. The only downside of these eyeliner Kohl's are, that they are not smudge proof. 

You can directly use this on your upper or lower lash line or you can dab your angled brush into this pencil eyeliner and then apply it on your lash line for the precise look and than smudge it with your favourite brush or with its smudging applicator.


Thumbs Up:
  • Comes with a smudging applicator
  • Pigmented
  • Economical
  • Love its silver packaging
  • You can do a smokey eye with these pencils

Thumbs Down:
  • Matte shades are dry
  • Not Smudge proof

  • Quantity:


    Sr99 for 3(Sale Price)

    My Rating:

    Mikyajy Store (Tala Mall) (Riyadh Gallery) (Nakheel Mall)

    Would I Repurchase It?
    Yes but in different colours

    Have you tried these eyeliner pencils from mikyajy yet? Share your thoughts



    Zubaida Rasool said...

    These pencils look good for their price. Shades are beautiful too.

    Sherry K said...

    These look so beautiful. I like the blue one alot. Great review as always sorath!

    Huda...!!! said...

    For the price, these looks just okay. Shades are pretty though. Nice review :)

    Roberta Romeo said...

    I love the blue one! ^-^

    Gul Zehra said...

    Great review! I like the blue one the best!

    Madeeha Saeed said...

    Everything on which i can't get my hands on, feel so mysterious and so is this Mikyajy brand as well. Which makes me want it more. But if they are not smudge proof then I can live without them ;) Anyway, great review dear.

    Sakuranko said...

    Oh very cute eyeliners

    Kiran Imtiaz said...

    Are these the ones they newly launched? The colors are gorgeous.

    Sania Wasif said...

    I wish I could get a chance to use them.. they looks amazing ..