Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catrice Eyebrow Powder Set...

Hi my all lovely readers,

 Here I am with a review on Catrice Eyebrow Powder Set. There are alot of varying reviews about this product. Im using this for sometime and I am a fan. it comes in two shades (check the swatches below) with a mini tweezer and a duel ended eyebrow brush and eyebrow shadow applicator.

My experience:
It blends very well with my brows, I dont really like its brush & I use another Catrice brush and it works perfectly. I like these shades and normally go with light brown because my eyebrows are already very thick and dark so i dont need alot of powder or dark shade.

 Make sure your eyebrows are clean, shape them with a tweezer then comb your brows and finally choose the color and put it on. The application is also described on the box.


Thumbs up:

  • Its not expensive 
  • Colors are blendable
  • Good to use on daily basis
  • It comes with a mini tweezer & applicator
  • It has two colors 

Thumbs down:

  • maybe you would not like the applicator




My rating:

Qr 35 riyal , €4.49

Qatar: city centre at karisma cosmetics
Pakistan:naheed supermarket
Us or Uk: target, ulta or any other local drugstore

Whould i repurchase it:
yes coz its a goot product for daily use and its very inexpensive as well.

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Abbigayle Warner said...

Looks like good quality !! I'm going to look it up online . Thanks for the review

Sorath Majid said...

your welcome abbigayle :)

shehla yasir said...

nice review

Mahnoor Malik said...

Sounds great :)
Will definitely try this :)

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Jezz Dallas said...

Looks nice..great colors also!