Sunday, November 15, 2015

Klenspop Lens in Shade 3 Bunny Gray Review

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm going to talk about these beautiful lenses from klenspop. Its a  Korean based online store, which had a huge variety of colored circle lenses. I got them a month back in my mail but because I was heading to Riyadh so couldn't get the time to do a review on these beauties. I got these lens in shade "3 Bunny Gray"  a super gorgeous color which looks flattering on Asian skin tone as well on the eastern. So lets scroll down to read what I love about it.

My Experience:
I love the shade it blends perfectly with my skin color and gives me a chic look which I totally adore.
The comes with a simple lens case and a pair of tweezers, which is good to take your lenses out from the case.
If  you are wearing lenses for the first time then you might feel a bit weird so do not rub your eyes and let these lenses to set for a minute or two and after that, the weird feeling goes away somewhere and you are good to go. These lenses are lightweight, I mean barely I don't feel anything. These lens are the comfiest lenses I had ever tried. It instantly enlarge my eyes and enhance my facial features. After wearing it for 6 hours it doesn't hurt my eyes which is a plus point. I can wear these lenses anywhere, for shopping, college, or for a night out as well. They comes with a diameter of 14.5 mm and can be used for 6 months which is great. These lens contains 38% water content as well.  If you are planning to get these lenses from their website then, tell them about your eyesight. My eyesight is perfectly fine so they send me these with ( -0.00). If  your eyesight is weak and you don't want to wear your regular glasses then these lens are the perfect solution for you guys. Or you are a  colored lens fan like me then this is probably the best store to find a perfect pair of lenses for yourself.
They have a huge variety of lenses on their website so do check out their website Click Here .

Clean your hands before putting on lenses and if you feel some sort of itching then just take them off immediately.

Thumbs Up:
  • Comes in a sealed glass bottle
  • Feels so light 
  • Shade looks very natural on almost every skin tone
  • Comes with a plastic case and a plastic tweezers
  • Not too pricey 
  • You can pay through pay pal
  • Shipping is not costly at all

Thumbs Down:
  • -

1 pair of circle lenses



My Rating:


Would I Repurchase It?
Yes I would love to try these out in different shades

Have you tried klenspop lens before ? Share your thoughts


Disclaimer: This PR sample came  to me for review purpose. This does not effect my loyalty  toward my readers at all. I give my honest opinion about this product.


JayBee Qadri said...

So pretttyyy <3 The lenses suit you so well!!

Zubaida Rasool said...

This is such a pretty shade and looks really beautiful on you.

naba iqbal said...

You have beautiful eye Mashallah :)
Love your eyeliner ;)

naba iqbal said...

You have beautiful eye Mashallah :)
Love your eyeliner ;)