Thursday, May 14, 2015

Benefit PUFF OFF Instant Eye Gel Review

Hello Everyone,

I'm back again with an other review on newly launched "Benefit Puff Off Instant eye gel Cream".
It comes in a baby pink squeeze tube with a metal iron kind of tip. It claims to reduce puffiness and and makes your under eye skin brigter. So lets scroll down to see does it really works or not :

My Experience:
I'm having dark circles and puffiness since childhood because of my allergy problem, So I always tried to hide them with different brands of concealers and stuff, before I find this baby. You only have to squeeze this tube a little and take small amount of this peachy pink gel/cream and than apply it under your eyes and than run this over with its iron kind of tip, until the cream is completely sink into your skin. And bang what you see is less puffiness under your eyes. Seriously I was so surprised when I see the results my puffiness was gone somewhere which I totally love about this product. It does reduce puffiness but don't expect much because, it doesn't reduce dark circles.  When it absorbs completely, it gives you a cooling effect and brighten up your under eye instantly.The effect last for 6 to 7 hours which is great I guess. The good thing about this product is you can wear this under your makeup or over your makeup as well.
This little tube could be last for several months.

Try to create small dots in circular motion and than just grab the tube and run its iron kind of tip over the gel until it absorbs completely.


Thumbs Up:
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Moisturize under eye area
  • The metal tip is very smooth on skin
  • Comes in a squeeze tube
  • Feels lite on skin
  • Give you a cooling effect 
  • Brigten up under eye area instantly

Thumbs Down:
  • Does not reduce puffiness completely
  • Expensive

10ml/ 0.34 Us fl.oz



My Rating:

Wojooh Cosmetics & Sephora

Would I Repurchase It:

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Madeeha Saeed said...

Great review. I really liked all the pictures.

Adriana said...

I really like this product!

Zubaida Rasool said...

This product does look good. Nice review :)

Kiran Imtiaz said...

Its a good temporary help. Nice review.

Sana said...

Love the review .. seems like a great product ..thanks for sharing

Pout Painters said...

Nice review. I don't have puffy eyes but it's a handy product to have for those who do :)

Huda Sheikh said...

Seems a really good product, but I need something for my dark circles due to sleeplessness with a little baby :)

Me Maha said...

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Maliha Rao said...

Good review though I will have second thoughts if its benefits
Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao