Friday, July 25, 2014

My Eid Collective Haul ( part 2 ) 2014

Hello Everyone,

As you know that Eid is coming its way so I thought to share my Collective Eid haul with you like I did previous year so scroll down and see what I have got for my eid this year.

Some of you asks me for mention price so here it is and from where I purchase I mention it as well 
I hope it will help

List Of Products I Bought For Eid:

  1. BH 120 eyeshadow palette 2nd edition Pkr 2900 (Beautyarena)
  2. Everyuth Saffron whitening face wash Pkr 290 (Beautyarena)
  3. 4 Essence nail paint each Pkr 295                        (Beautyarena)
  4. Real Techniques Starter brush kit Pkr3500          (Beauty4budget)
  5. Elf  contour blush and bronzing cream  Pkr630     (Beauty4budget)
  6. Elf Makeup Mist & Set Pkr  630                           (Beauty4budget)
  7. Elf Blush in Pink Twinkle Pkr 630                        (Beauty4budget)
  8. 2 Silly Jewel nail paints each Pkr 180                    (Minerva Hyderabad) 
  9. Medora London nail paint Pkr 110                       (Minerva Hyderabad)
  10. Topsy tool along with hair bun Pkr 120                 (Gift Land)
  11. Hair chalks box Pkr 450                                        (Minerva Hyderabad)
  12. 2 Christine lip pencils each Pkr 100                      (from a local store in uzma centre)
  13. Sweet touch nail paint Pkr 150                              (Uzma Centre)
  14. buffing brush unknown Pkr 190                             (Uzma Centre)
  15. Sweet touch loose eyeshadow pkr 220                (Delton super market Hyderabad)
  16. Nail Piant Remover Strips                                   (Delton super market Hyderabad)
  17. Luscious cosmetics Brow Tool Kit Pkr 900            (Chase Up Clifton)
  18. Feminine lip pencil and lipstick Both for Pkr 150   (Makeup City Ocean Mall)

I hope you guys like my Eid Collective Haul :)  Share your thoughts with me and yes don't forget to follow my blog



anna kazi said...

Wow :) nice haul ;)

shafaq saleem said...

lovely tempting haul

Anushae Khan said...

amazing, i love everything you've picked out :)

Sherry K said...

lovely haul sorath ! I got an RT replica (angled one) and God its super amazing is yours ??

Sorath Majid said...

mine is super soft and great for blending foundation :)

Sorath Majid said...

thanks anusha :)

Sana said...

yummyyyyy haul