Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Mini Haul 2014

Hello everyone,

As you already know from the title that its an haul post so i want to share my stuff which I'm going to use in this hot weather. I haven't done any haul post in a months so thought to share my mini summer haul with you.

                                               Dermacos pedicure step 1 and 2
The Body Shop Seaweed clay mask and Vitamin E Mask

Srawberry Face and Body Scrub

Kingband Biolo Hair Soften Essene

Garnier Frutis I loe My Sleek 3 day smoothing Spray

If you like this mini summer haul of mine than let me in in your comments :)



Chiara T. said...

This is the kind of article that I love to read since i live in doha!
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Shang J. said...

The Body Shop masks are really good! x

Zubia Rizvi said...

Looking forward to read your experience about tbs masks. Following you via GFC! ^_^