Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Jewellery Haul 2014

Hello Everyone,

It has been a long time that I did a jewellery haul so thought to share some of my new jewellery that I bought from Pakistan and Qatar.

                            Claire's rhinestone bow hair clip Qr 10

                                        Jewell hair clip Pkr 250 
                                                    Bow ear tops Pkr 100
                                                    Owl bracelet QR35
                                  Multi color necklace from splash Qr50
                       Bow head band in red from Accessories Pkr900
                                    Snake jewel hand bracelet city centre Qr30
                traditional Earring somewhere from Hyderabad Pkr 300
               Pearl head band from student link Hyderabad Pkr 300
                                     Ear tops in gold & black Pkr 280
                                  Yellow and orange flower clip Pkr80
                          Black and gold spiked head band from Splash Qr30
                   Silver hand cuff from student link Hyderabad Pkr 150
                  Peach with gold tone head flower peace from H&M Qr25
       This beautiful Gold and pearl white bracelet is from city lifestyle Doha Qr50         
                    Blood red tear drop ear tops from city lifestyle Qr24

So this is my small jewellery Haul I hope you like it, do share your comments and collections :)

Cheers ^_^


Huda...!!! said...

wow lovely picks... :)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I have same hand cuff :)

Areej Usman said...

The necklace is lovely!

The Beauty Finds said...

Nice picks, Sorath :)

Jezz Dallas said...

Great pieces!!! Love that snake and the cuff!


Aamna khan said...

Nice collection!!!

Fatima Salim said...

I love all the pieces!


Mariam .M said...

Lovely collection. That colorful necklace is so pretty :)