Tuesday, August 13, 2013

EOTD (14th Agust Independence day Inspired makeup) Using Miss Rose 55 color matte palette

Hello Everyone,

Today I came with a quick and easy Independence day inspired eye makeup hope you like it.
Lets begin :)

Products USED For Eyes:
  • Too faced shadow insurance
  • NYX jumbo pencil in cheese
  • Miss Rose 55 color matte palette
  • Maybelline precise eyeliner pen
  • Rimmel soft kohl pencil
  • Maybelline big lash mascara
  •  Rhinestone

Step-wise Instructions:
  • prime your eyes first.
  • take nyx jumbo pencil in cheese and apply to the inner corner of your eye along with your lower lash line.
  • now apply this lime green color to the inner corners and on your lower lash line.
  • place the green color on your lid and softly blended.
  • take the dark green color and place it to your outer v and on crease and blend it well.
  • place some black and place it over dark green color on your outer v and blend it again.
  • make a thin line with your eyeliner and apply black pencil to fill your water line
  • now apply generous coats of mascara to make your lashes huge.
  • and last but not the least place some rhinestones if you want.
  • you're done.
If you like this EOTD then please leave a comment below and yes don't forget to follow my blog and let me wish you all a very happy Independence Day long live Pakistan.
Pakistan Zindabad. 



Sara Hassan said...

You've created a beautiful look. Happy Independence day! :) x

Sorath Majid said...

Thanks sara and happy Independence day to you too :)

Fakhra's said...

Happy Independence day... Lovely Eye look :)

Faha Khan said...


Sorath Majid said...

thanks and happy independence to you :)

Fizzy! said...

very beautiful and chic!!

jee bee said...

Wow thats quite easy :) Happy Independence Day to You! <3
following your blog xx


Sorath Majid said...

Thanks mona :)

Sorath Majid said...

thanks fizzy :)

Basma said...

This is so beautiful. I just loved the green on eyes

Sorath Majid said...

Thanks basma :)

Areej Usman said...

Nicely done :)

Sorath Majid said...

thanks areej :)

shaz said...

i love this diamonds on eyes, it gives a lovely bling with green.

Sorath Majid said...

thanks shaz :)

Bisma Rauf said...

Nice look :)

Pakize Kapan said...

That makeup is beautiful great job hun!

xoxo Pakize

Maria Malik said...

This is miracle. Love it.

Sorath Majid said...

Thanks dear :)

Sorath Majid said...

thanks maria :)

Jezz Dallas said...

Gorgeous deep emerald Beautiful!


Sorath Majid said...

thanks jezz :)

ZatZ said...

where can i buy the nyx jumbo pencil in qatar? can i know how much :)

Sorath Majid said...

you can buy this in city centre there is a shop called city lifestyle and its around 35 or 40 riyal.

ZatZ said...

Thank you :)