Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Summer Beauty Haul

Hello Everyone,

Here I'm with my "Summer Beauty Hau"l.  Summer is all about beautiful shades from light, to bright & neon. I focused on new products which i had not used before

M&S: I picked up few things for my summer beauty haul a bubble bath soap from mark & Spencer was something new to me. I saw some decent beauty products in its dedicated but small section I also got some cream bath and a blusher too. Its a pretty nice check in

 Sephora:  I got benefit's they are real mascara, too face shadow insurance. I was using urban decay and found it nice but I wanted to try a new primer of too face shadow. I also got  2 perfume samples and 1 body lotion from Clarins.

Maybelline & Revlon: Its summer and I want some new bright nail paints, so I got two beautiful colors from maybeline & revlon.

Essence: I heard so many good things about essence eyebrow gel so got this one as well from karisma cosmetics to keep my brows in place.

 The body shop:  A body scrub and some cute lil heart soaps.

 NYX & Revlon:  Lipglosses from NyX & Revlon.

M.A.C: I also have two lipsticks from m.a.c "Kinda sexy & the other one is Pink Plaid which is a gift from my hubby.

Rimmel: Scandaleye mascara with a pencil kohl eyeliner.

Wella: Hair mouse+heat protectant.

Last but not the least got a little mirror too.

So here are some pictures of my haul for you guys to experience some bit of the products;

                           Royal Jelly and pure honey Cream Bath & Blusher Limited Collection By M&S.

                                  Too Face shadow Insurance and Benefit they're Real Mascara (Sephora)

                  Samples from Sephora Clarins Body lotion, Chopard enchanted perfume & euphoria by Calvin Klein.

                                 Revlon nail paint in "Posh" & Maybelline Color Rama in "Cool Blue"
Essence Lash & Brow gel 

The Body Shop Vineyard body scrub & little Coco mania heart pouch soaps

                           Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in "Papaya" & NYX Mega Shine lip gloss in perfect red

                                                           Kinda Sexy and Pink Plaid 

                                           Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara & Rimmel Soft Kohl 

                                           Wella New Wave smoothing mouse+heat protectant

I hope you guys like the products, please share your thoughts and other alternatives and new lines.



Batul Fazal said...

I LOoove They're real . You wont be disappointed! Not sure about the Rimmel Mascara though. Loving the haul. Enjoy your goodies xx

Sorath Majid said...

thanks batul :)

Huda Sheikh said...

Lovely Haul, its always good to try new products :) love the packaging of the L.E Blusher :) <3

Emm Ali said...

Nice post and hauls are so much fun to watch..
i followed your blog i would really appreciate it if you follow me back thank you :)

Areej Usman said...

hey scandal eyes showstopper disappointed me badly.I hope u enjoy & like ur stuff :)

Sorath Majid said...

yeah sure emm ali :)

Saira Bhatti said...

Nice haul! do review the Mac lipsticks:) xx

shaz said...

love it i shall look forward for your reviews on them. x

Anila Faruk said...

love love love your haul from whr you bought it all?
just saw your blog first time come to mine am following you via g+

Emm Ali said...

I nominated your blog for liebster award for more information please check out my blog

I would really appreciate it if you also follow my blog on gfc and bloglovin :)

Keep up the good work

Jezz Dallas said...

Looks like a great haul!! Lovely products!

Sorath Majid said...

hi, thanks 4 ur feedback. i got these from villagio mall in doha

Sorath Majid said...

thanks 4 ur support

Emm Ali said...

Your welcome hun.. Your name is there second last in the list i double checked it