Monday, May 6, 2013

Benefit Cosmeticts Go Tropicoral Llip & Cheek Kit Review....

Hello Everyone,

Today's post is about "Benefit's go Tropicoral.. turn up the heat lip & cheek kit". Its a  compact kit  containing 4 things in a small quantity. I want to buy all four things for myself and they are really good to have in your makeup kit :D. Its also a great gift for friends & family on their birthday or any other occasions. It comes with a user guide which gives tips on how to apply the contents step by step and a cute mirror. I love this small kit which is really good for summers and contains a lip gloss , blush,a cheek & lip stain and a highlighter. All this is about QAR 159 which is really good as it just comes in the right quantity. These are very travel friendly and I carry my kit with me because its small and handy  and I can use it on the go.

My Experience:
It gives me a coral peachy summer look that I want, its good for autumns too. The blush  gives me a natural glow which I really love, and cha cha tint which is a lip and cheek stain. I always apply cha cha tint on my cheeks first then I dust my cheeks with a lil bit coralista blush powder which gives compliment to my skin tone. The ultra plush lip gloss is a very wearable color in summer times,  its sheer and I dont feel my lips sticky at all, for me its a great llip gloss. Benefit high beam highlighter gives me a subtle glow. I use it on my cheek bones bridge of my nose my chin and every other part of my face which I want to highlight, for me its a great deal to have a kit like this.


Apply these like normal lip gloss blush or cheek stains.

Cha Cha tint: Apply it on your cheeks and dab it on with fingers. Its a lip and cheek stain so this can be applied in 2 or 3 dots to upper & lower lip with the help of finger.

Coralista powder blush: Apply on your cheeks with the help of powder blush which is included in this kit.

High beam: Its a highlighter: Apply this on cheek  bones, bridge of your nose or any part of the face you want to highlight. Like before I said just make 2 or 3 dots and dab it with your fingers.

Ultra Plush Coralista: Its a mini lip gloss by benefit, its very good for summers,  lovely coral peachy lip gloss which in a small tube.

Mini Powder Brush: It contains a mini powder blush brush which can be used for most of the items in the package.


Thumbs Up:

  • you got 4 products in a affordable price
  • all four comes in a small quantity so u can have more variations
  • colors are wearable for day & night
  • corolista ultra plush  lip gloss is sheer and not sticky at all

Thumbs Down:


Chachatint: 0. 4 ml, o.13 US fl. oz
High Beam: 0.4 ml, 0.13 US fl. oz
Coralista: 3.0 g net wt. 0.1 oz
Coralista ultra plush Lip Gloss: 6.5 ml, 0.22 US fl. oz

cha cha tint: watery
high beam: watery
coralista blush powder: soft & smooth
coralista ultra plush: sheer

My Rating:


Qr159, £25.50

Sephora: villagio mall

Would I Repurchase It ?
I love it so definitely gonna repurchase it

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Batul Fazal said...

The swatches are so yummy xx

Jezz Dallas said...

I like that box! Liking the coral and Benefit always does a nice job!

Pandora`s Box said...

I have this on my Wishlist for summers:) love the swatches

Shy Cheeeks said...

Im loving everything in it <3

Sparkling Sparkle said...

wanna go Coral with it

Nazish Bughio said...

Hey awesome blog!
I'm your new follower :)
& are you sindhi? your name sounds sindhi haha

Check out my blog & follow back if you want :)

Sorath Majid said...

HI Nazish thanks for following
& yep em sindhi speaking :) <3

Shang J. said...

My first high-end purchase and love it to bits! ♥

Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

Mahnoor Malik said...

So tempting box :)

Loving it :)


Pakize Kapan said...

Beautiful colors, absolutely love this kit. Great review darling!

xoxo Pakize

from Madame Keke

Numra A said...

Nicely reviewed, :) I love coralista blush, its one of a kind...and absolutely beautiful.