Sunday, January 27, 2013

Givenchy Le Prism blush review

Hi guys i'm here with a new review about Givenchy Blush.

Its a four color blush with satin mate finish. It helps brightening up & adds dimension to your face. The upper right shade is the reference for the final result when mixing together.


vouge in orange & it girl purple

My Experience:

I love Givenchy products, the color I have is "Vouge in orange" which is peachy orange & "It girl purple" its a beautiful pink. These colors are my must have in daily bases. Now days as you know its cold, i'll usually go with the warm colors like vouge in orange well both are my favorite. 

Application: You can use these four colors together or you can go with the single one. All colors are very pretty, for application I prefer  a small blush brush or a stippling brush. So its definitely upto you. 


                                                                25# "vouge in orange"

                            24# "It girl purple"

Thumbs up: 
  • Color payoff on the cheeks
  • Highly pigmented
  • Mate finish
  • Helps shade & add dimension to your face
  • Four shades may be used alone or mixed together for a customized look
  • It gives you a sutle glow 

Thumbs down:
  • Expensive  
Quantity: 7g/0.24oz

Texture: The texture of these Blush is awesome , its very  smooth & velvety it blends very well               
                       on skin. 

My Rating: 9.5/10

Price: ($44.00 =Qr180 (Qatri riyal)

Availability: I got mine from 51east ( check out your near sephora stores or you can also order online 

Would i repurchase it: yes

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Monday, January 21, 2013

TBS all in one bb cream

The Body Shop "All in one BB cream"

Hi guys
 It has been some time we have connected here
 Today  i'm reviewing about TBS (The Body Shop) BB cream which is a tinted moistrizer. It  has no spf  & it gives you light to medium coverage, but it might cover acne scars or blemish a bit.  It evens out your skin's tone, it comes in 3 different shades depending on your complexion,

01for the lighter skin (Fair)
02 for the medium skin (Beige)
03 for the darker skin (Brown)

I got shade 01 . .  the formula is very light, it does not feel that you have put on tons of makeup on your face

Its a perfect fit for shopping , school, college, movies, hanging out.

 i first use a moisturizer with spf  then apply my all in one BB cream with some concealer for any dark spots on my face and i'm ready to go. it gives me a natural and flawless skin. . .


 Its a known fact that almost every foundation product contains spf, but few of us realize that spf reflects light at night so if you are going to a party or a wedding & are expecting to show up in flicks, they might show you as a ghostly figure. To avoid this, apply this all in one BB cream by TBS apply concealer and then topup with a setting powder to bring back life in your pictures.

Thumbs up:

  • Color adapts to your skin
  • Lightweight
  • Non-clogging
  • Hydrating
  • Looks very natural on the skin
  • Looks good on all skin types
  • Contains vitamin E & marula oil
  • Makes skin smoother

Thumbs down:

  • It only comes in a 25ml small packaging
  • No spf in it

Quantity:25ml (0.84 US FL OZ)

Texture: Thin &  runny, its not like the other bb cream which resemble whiped or thick creams

My Rating: 7.5/10

Price : (UK- £12.00 =Qr100 (Qatri riyal)

 Availibility: Check out your near body shop outlet

Would I repurchase it: Yes
 So whats your thoughts about this bb cream are you gona try it ?
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Sorathmajid xoxo :)